Monday, November 22, 2010

Too Much Education?

Nowadays, every Tom, Dick or Harry has a degree.
Point a gun at any person-- the dude you shoot will probably have a degree!

And now that every other person has a degree, the next new "default" thing that everyone needs to have is a postgraduate degree. So we spend money in the hundreds of thousands to get it.

We are screened even before we are given the chance to attend an interview. HR professionals are too busy to entertain uneducated fools. Those who don't own a degree aren't given a shot at a career that may promise a good future for them and their family.

So what about those who cannot afford education, but are more than capable and life-savvy than those who do? I have seen many people just like this, and it aches me to see that they are, and will not be given chances to succeed in life. I have an undergraduate degree, and I have been so blessed with jobs that warrant a minimum degree! Yet in the job itself, I find that life-skills, business acumen (that cannot be attained from a degree), street credibility, common sense and wisdom are a much bigger pre-requisites to succeed in the position.

No lecturer can tell anyone how to be a better person, or how to do their jobs. Book-knowledge can only take a person so far. And if all employers take into account each candidate's character and attitude when taking on a career path or position in the company, then why is so much emphasis put on whether or not he/she has a degree or masters or a doctorate?

Of course, the jobs I talk about aren't to do with specialist jobs such as doctors/lawyers/architects. Just plain jobs that put food on the table with a stable career path.
What about that incredibly talented kid who can dance like no one else, but is poor? He neglects his studies, and dances for his supper. Joins a talent competition, BOOM! He gets signed (yadda yadda yadda), grows up, earns his living, sets up a company, runs his business, and finally.. dies.

That kid didn't have a degree. But he turned out pretty well?
So why SO much emphasis on gettin post-graduate degrees or even undergraduate degrees?
Yes, education is very important, but I think it's getting quite out of hand these days. I think it's far more important to build a person's character and well-being than stuffing them down with textbook information and syllabus-infested words!

Doesn't help that almost all universities these days only want your money.
Didn't do well for your undergrad? Fret not! Daddy forks out money for a "good cause" proudly sponsored by university of choice, and BAM! You're in Yale.

Life is meaningless.
Why like this.
Why, you tell me, why?

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