Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Drama

At Foong's place in London the night he gave us silver coated chocolates to eat.
His living room had a view of the mini roundabout.
Also the day he showed us his stash of VERY expensive liquors hehe

I feel like crying every time I look at pictures of London, or watch movies set in London.
I don't know why I like the dingy place so much. I've only spent a year there, and most of the time in the outer parts of the city.

The day when it looked like it was going to rain, but didn't. My guts and fingers were numb from the cold but we walked the whole of the city from Leceister Sq till here.

But it holds so many memories, so much fondness, and a whole lot of my most cherished experiences during the most valued part of my life.

Liverpool St Station. I never took this line, but the Piccadily line was down that day and it brought us here as a detour. Prettiest station I've seen thus far :)

Looking for Niketown because of all the things we've heard. The photo looks like it was taken in the night, but really it was only late evening. 4.30pm at the latest? Winter time was so depressing.

Covent Garden in December is so awesome. The people there are more upmarket and so they're all cheery and nice, and not racist. There were live band shows and sigh, so posh. We went to FCUK and I tried on a 40quid dress. I liked it, but D didn't. He said it made me look flat. I lost so much weight at the time, I was actually wearing an XS
I can tell you EVERY SINGLE memory of EACH photo I have of my time in England. Where exactly we were, the events that followed, whether it was raining, what we ate, how long we waited for the food, the weird people who yelled at us, the nasty things we said in retort in Hokkien, the shoes I was wearing, just how cold it was, how hungry I was, the exact feeling of comfort and relief when warm air hits your icy cold skin, and the smell of clean fresh crisp air. All the streets, the shops I visited, the places and smells from each stop, the tube, the walks, the parks, the restaurants, the stupid busy walk-too-fast people.


Life was simpler then.
Maybe it's not London I'm craving for. I'm just projecting it on the place because a simpler life is really what I'm craving for. Back when eating out was a serious luxury, back when I get happy just having digestive biscuits for a meal, when eating Maggi freaking mee was so awesome.

Ugh. Change mindset.
A new year's coming already.

Fast like giler babi!



Joanne, Zuo-en said...

sometimes i feel like i took it for granted, u know, could hav done more but didn't. i miss it too.....

k e s h i a said...

one day we'll go back :)

shereen said...

hmmm some how being in uni makes me miss malaysia so much more :(

or maybe that's because i'm in northern ireland and not england >.<

k e s h i a said...

haha when you're there, you miss home, when you're home, you miss there...

it's like that sigh

Kar Yong said...

reading this make me miss "home"!! While I spent most of my time in Wales, it was England that I am connected with the most, especially London and Cambridge where I spent many happy and memorable months.

I miss "home" even though I have just returned from my one month "pilgrimage" there....