Monday, December 06, 2010


Hello everyone!

Does anyone still read? :)
Have been sucked into work for the past week or so :( u haven't touched my laptop and engaged in decent friendly encounters in so long, I'm not sure if my friends are even still my friends anymore!

The past week has been insanely routine-- I feel like a droid, almost. I miss my boyfriend, I also kind of miss going for cell group, playing board games and talking nonsense with anybody :)

But this shall past soon (one more week!) So in the mean time I'll hang on and activate my survival mode. Um, survival seems far fetched-- but maybe hibernation would be more fitting! My work event is being held at the PWTC in KL and its been freeeeeeezing like its the end of autumn in England!

I wear my trusty old hoodie (which has no zip now :( sigh) and it keeps me warm like it did 3 years ago :) I miss England, but I'm trying to learn how to be okay with Malaysia too. Its not ALL bad so its not the worst thing. I could be stuck in a poverty stricken country so, imma count my blessings.

Things to note just in case I forget what I'm talking abt when I look back
-- I'm so sick of the Insight song
-- I'm also so sick of "rock your body", "time of my life" and all sorts of violin pieces.
-- Button pressing is also super overrated

Hahaha :)