Monday, March 21, 2011

Cooking All Day

I cooked all day today.
It's therapeutic. Best when there's someone to clean up after you.

Boiled together some porridge. There were 24 meatballs in them. Some shrimp, and as you can see, peas and stuff. I boiled the dried scallops with the rice. So the batch was pretty sweet :) My grandfather ate it all. At least I know it's edible :)

Cooked some curry chicken for dinner tonight too.
It was so haphazardly put together though :\ I didn't have santan, didn't have serai, didn't have a lot of things.
But I did have belacan, and sambal. So I threw it all together and used milk instead of santan (almost typed "satan" hahahaa). The whole dish was much lighter and less jelak.

Then at 9pm I had another urge to cook, and so I did. I made spaghetti with tuna. I binded it together hot mayo sauce... Basically mayonnaise with lemon juice, and habanero sauce. Spicy and tangy the way I like it :) Oh, then I flopped in a whole tin of tuna and ripped up some ham and mashed it all up. Didn't have any vege, so I tossed in some lettuce :S

It looks super crappy, so no pictures. But I like my food crappily cooked (by me, not anyone else). So there. I said it. I like my own crappy food. D hates my cooking, but I can see why. There's no order, all chaos. You should have seen the way I tried to plate the spaghetti, and then in an attempt to box it up in a container, (to bring it to work tomorrow) It fell everywhere. Undoubtedly, I picked it up and flopped it back in.

My mother would disown me.
In short, I pretty much slopped it from one place to another. HAH.

Okay, enough of disorganised thoughts for today.
Tomorrow is a long day. Starting at 6am no less. But at least there's shmancy dinner at the end of it. But at a price, of course. Thus the lunch-packing. But I'm so glad for some down time and me-time today. The week looks better from here.


All that being said, I'm quite excited to chow down on my haphazard spaghetti.
And I don't care what anyone else thinks :D

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daniel said...

i dont HATE your cooking silly!