Wednesday, May 04, 2011

No Words..

Last weekend (it was a long weekend hee) a bunch of us went up to Bkt Tinggi to have some.. I dunno, time away from the city, time to be jakuns, play guitar, stink at it, be awesome with it, drink, watch tv, play silly (but crazy funny) board games, and just well, relax :)

We had amazing chinese food... though I don't quite understand why it's better up there than it is in KL (this really eludes me sigh), and the bonding was really good! :) Got to know some people better (there's nothing like sharing a house with friends to know them better), and had a good time sweating in a small town like there's no tomorrow.

Also, pictured above is a teapot that I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART, it's so cute and quaint, I quite possibly think that I HAVE to have it? Just that, I'm not too sure where to source for it without paying a bomb for a shinier version at Parkson.

As you know, this is my friend Evan. He is my brother's age, and he has a knack of making funny faces. He is also an acquired taste. Even so, I think he's bearable, and is a funny friend to have around the house, and is quite interesting to watch. Yes, watch. Because he gets up to his own business all by himself, without needing anybody to "create conversation".

Pictured above is Evan trying to wink.
Yeah. Don't ask.

This, my friends.. is called nasi ayam ganja. Behold the simplicity of spiced rice, amazing fried chicken and some pickled vegetables, topped with vegetable curry. There is no beating this. Admittedly, it's not the BEST dish I've ever had (because nothing can top scotch eggs, duh) but it's purdy dang close to being one of my favourite foods to miss if I ever leave the country! :) So glad poon brought me there to try! :D

Available in KL near my office. Come, I bring you :)

This meat-looking slab of something on a biodegradable napkin is what I've discovered to be the BEST cake I've EVER had in my ENTIRE 23 years of life. Yes, it does not look appealing (not especially with my lousy camera phone), but once you've had a mouthful of this baby you will understand what I mean.

Dear people, I present to you-- Red Velvet OMGAWESOME Cake.

Deliciously moist (OMG), with the RIGHT balance of sweet and sin, this Red Velvet will turn vegans into dairy loving hippies! The cream cheese that adorns this cake is TO DIE FOR. Why? It's soft, it's velvetty (duh), it's slightly tart, it's luscious, it's delightful and it is MAJORLY addictive. You just want to LAP everything up!!!

It also costs a bomb, and I guess I'm thankful for that. Otherwise I'm going to be a big rolling balloon.
Nobody would recognise me :(

First of all, I'd like to point out the cute fingers that are holding the subject of this picuture.
They're so cute!! :) heeheehee

Ok, this is called LAU SAR PAO.
Yes, it may sound like lau sai pao, but it really is the polar opposite.
This little golden dumpling is soft (oh so soft), with a filling that will send anyone to heaven (due to a heart attack, maybe). Butter, salted egg yolks, regular egg yolks, sugar and cream. ZOMG.

You should try it if you're not overseas haha :)

Dis is mai liddel kornah at mai opis.
Dess all.

This is a knitted camera that mama poon made!
It's so cute! :) It's even got a yellow canary on it, like them olden day cameras (not sure why birds are thought to be perched on a camera)! Just a picture I like, so I put here :)

K lah.
I'm done.



Joanne, Zuo-en said...

:( i wish i was there with u guys at bkt tinggi!!! :( sounds like u guys had a great time!

shereen said...

the fooood!
want to go back to malaysia so badly now!
btw. anything for you before i head home in a month's time? :D

this girl said...

jojo: ya i wish you were there too! not enough girls representing! nvm, we'll have another trip soon when you're home. let us know when!

shereen: DON'T TEMPT MEHHH! dah la i owe you like what 50 pounds ah? EH DO YOU REMEMBER HOW MUCH I OWE YOU?? o_O was it 40 for the 2 pants, and 8 for the dress??

senbonzakura said...

you want the pot? just take it home la. time to do some stupid work. :P

shereen said...

i just checked my account on asos.
was 38 for the pants and 18 for the dress.

how's the dress? :)