Sunday, May 29, 2011


Spent some time at Atria today.

That place was the shopping centre I grew up in.
Dodgy now, yes. But back then it wasn't (or it didn't seem like it was) dodgy.

I've been back at Atria a few times now. But tonight when my family went, there were signs on most shops (well, the few there were) that they were going to close or relocate in June. Then I remembered that they're going to tear the place down to build some kind of residential area.

Walking through the floors of the place, some shops have been there since we first went!
Atria holds many, MANY memories for me.

I had my first job there. I worked at a clothing store when I was 11. For a measly RM3.50 per hour. It wasn't a great job... I passed time. I also bought my own first tailored shirt there. It was beige. With a bad cut, but I was young, I didn't care. There's a Victoria Music Station there too. I mean, it's STILL there. They were the only few CD stores that kept Dave Matthews Band. So many times, I went in there just to see if they still have the CD, and just as many times, I walked out empty handed. Too expensive.

I lived in DJ almost all my growing up life. I have seen 3 different supermarkets take tenancy at Atria. It's such a pity the place can't thrive. I wonder why.

After CF in school, we'd walk to KFC to eat potatoes. And the richer kids go to Daves Deli to have their chicken chop. Esquire kitchen was always there but we never went... Old people food. Chinese food. We had enough of that at home.

Upstairs on the top floor used to host Popular bookstore. Now it's empty. It's been empty for a very long time. Below that were a few shops, mostly closed. And the few left open can't be bothered to really function anymore. Lights are dim, stocks are dusty, employees are abysmal in their service.Seriously, they just...exist. I have no idea why they bother keeping business there.

Although it's now dingy, dark and dismal; Atria will always be the place I go to for fun as a kid.
It used to be vibrant. My family went there for almost every need-- Books, uniform, groceries, clothes, any other odd item here and there.

In fact, I still have the purple printed wrap skirt I bought from Atria all those years ago.
And up til 5 years ago, one of the satin flower print halter necks I bought from the DFOs there was worn for a family photo shoot!

And so, it is with quite an odd pain and sadness that I see Atria be demolished soon. Yes, the place is disgusting, but I appreciate the role it played in my life when I was younger.

I suppose this sounds very silly-- I feel silly too.
But nevermind. This post is really just to make sure I don't forget the place.
The pink rundown shopping complex.



Ben Shane said...

i bet it'll thrive if they open a food court and a HUGE cyber cafe. :D

Anonymous said...

What he said :)

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