Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jealousy is Green

D is in between jobs right now, so he's taking this one week to have a break, get personal errands completed, relax, do what he wants, clean up, etc...

I'm really happy for him-- getting some down time before the engine starts running again. I think he truly deserves his break, especially after coming out of such a demanding job!

So far he's packed up his man cave (HURRAHHH!), and he's cleaned up the place too. Now I can actually see the colour of our floor in that room (it's pine), and the room even has an echo when you speak inside there now! How exciting! As if we've just moved in.

The thing about packing up is you suddenly realise how much junk you've accumulated. All piled up in that dusty room, you don't realise what kind of rubbish is just... left there! Literal rubbish!

So far, we've managed to clear out some stuff to give back to his mom (she bought so many things for us that we don't use!), piled up things that we can use later, repacked some items (because our two furkids have shredded the boxes during their scratch-fests), threw out some old things, and also found some stuff we thought we've lost! Granted, there are some things that I'd rather dump than keep, but I let D's inner hoarder feed a little because cleaning up was such a big feat on its own already :)

And because he isn't working this week, D's been sending me to work in the mornings :) I love it! Just about a year and a half ago, we'd to go to work together (we used to work in the same office, sitting right across from each other), and so the morning work commutes were always nice :) But since traffic looked a little heavy on the way back home, he decided to make a pit stop at my parents to wait it out.

Guess what he's doing?

Brother bought himself a McDonald's breakfast set and is watching cartoons, dammit!
What's worse? He sent me pictures.

Damn son, I'm green all over!

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