Saturday, November 23, 2013

Missing Bangkok

I've always loved Bangkok. The buildings, the people, the shopping, and especially the food!

The unique blend of tradition and modernity, along with a rich culture that's complimented with today's technology -- the place is a haven for young travellers :)
I planned a surprise trip to Bangkok for D for his birthday. Just to immerse ourselves with good food, massages and also for D to get his suit tailor made (his previous suit was done very well).

In the end, we didn't find his tailor because we couldn't locate the shop. It seems like the whole mall had been redesigned :(

So with extra cash, we splurged on massages, food, and alcohol.

I regret not trying more street food. We were in malls most of the time.. it was disappointing. The next time, we'll focus on eating more street food. and going for more local delicacies.

We had a kick-ass hotel! The interior was super sexy and eclectic. Service was superb! Enjoyed ourselves tremendously :)

If you're interested, it's called Hotel Muse on Langsuan Road. With a sky train nearby, everywhere is accessible. It's also very central and near many shopping centres.

It's also got a trendy rooftop bar with drinks for miles. Almost anything you want, you can get :) and the view was breathtaking. An alternative skyline to the ones you usually get from the heart of the city.

I'm so missing Bangkok :'(

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