Sunday, December 01, 2013

It's December

How quickly time flies! It's like, one moment I'm wishing and hoping for a great year, and the next, it's already year end D:

I love and hate year ends. It reminds me of the things that I didn't get to accomplish, the things that I wish happened differently, and that I want diligent in what I set out to do. D doesn't believe in new years resolution.. because I guess it makes you sad at the end of the year?

But.. the great end makes me happy because it's Christmas time. Ask that happiness and cheer really gets me going! The decorations, the food, the smells, the gifts, the songs, argh so much about Christmas makes me happy! It reminds me that this day designated was the beginning of all that Christ had done for me. That God had chosen this blessed day to send His one and only son to redeem the world. To redeem me.
The year end also encourages me to do better next year. It reminds me that I'm definitely imperfect but there's always a new beginning (God willing) to start afresh. Like every new year, and every new day, His mercies are new and forgiving.

So have a great final month, everyone.

Here's a picture of my two furkids looking out into the promising future.

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