Friday, December 06, 2013

Life Training

I can't even begin to pin point the level of noobness in some people I know.

I mean, there are just certain things in life that you don't express, or don't do.

Like humble bragging, or taking a big ass selfie and putting a totally useless/unrelated caption.

I cannot even count the number of girls I have on my facebook timeline who take pictures of themselves in various poses and smiles with a strange unrelated caption.

Why? WHY?!

Today, a great man has passed away.

The great (as in the ONE AND ONLY) Nelson Mandela has passed away at a ripe, old, fruitful, and impactful age of 95.

Simple posts does him no justice-- for the things he has done for humankind in Africa, for the souls he have touched through his life, and for the dedication to truth that he has displayed. But the very fact that about 80% of my timeline freaked out more over the death of Paul Walker shows me that my generation is a generation of DUDS.

It's so disappointing to see! We are the young bloods expected to continue flowing in the body of life, but we are so self-involved and so ignorant of the HARD THINGS in life that happened in the past that bore us THIS comfortably stable and luxurious life!

It irks me to see how inconsistent and whiny my generation is.

A friend (yes, I'm even surrounded by them) recently went away to the States for work for a short term stint-- and I mean, a really short term stint. Just three weeks, nothing huge, nothing gravity defying-- just work. She made a huge fuss about not being able to be home, and not looking forward to being there in the cold of winter, blah blah frikkin blah.

But guess what? Homie flew Business Class to said destination, had Thanksgiving, saw the awesome Macy Parade, went to New York, and took part in Black Friday Sales! And even despite all that short term awesomeness, she even tweeted that she was so homesick that she was going to cry.

Turns out, homie was leaving on the very same day of her tweet. On Business Class. Transitting in one of the world's most luxurious airports, in their extremely luxurious lounge while waiting for her next Business Class flight home.

This is my generation. Full of complaints about life, and no thankfulness expressed.

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