Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Watching for Time

A watch often symbolises class, taste and is a symbol of wealth. A great looking watch framing a man's wrist and sleeve often makes or breaks his first impression.

When I see someone wearing a watch, a few things come to mind. I think, this person is organised, punctual, traditional, and has great work ethic. 


I don't know, perhaps because everyone I know who possess all those great qualities.... well, they wear watches. And I'm not one to boast (or even admit) that I have any of the qualities above, and I've never been one to wear a watch anyway. For various reasons-- I can look for time at the bottom right side of my computer screen, my hand phone has a clock on it, and so does my car. I am never in need of a watch!

But still, having a watch strapped on to my wrist serves as a reminder that I need to be mindful of time. And that I need to be punctual because I should never go back on my word when agreeing to meet someone somewhere at a specific time. 

But most of all it reminds me to aspire to be more organised, punctual, traditional and have great work ethic. I may be struggling to fulfill one (or all) of the criteria, but at least an aspirational reminder is useful to bring me on that first step towards achieving my goal.

D bought me a watch two Christmasses ago. And to me, it gives me silent assurance that he too, believes that I could be organised, punctual, traditional and have great work ethic. Even though he has NO IDEA that I feel this way about people who wear watches. So it's a total one-way feeling, but it doesn't matter. 

So thank you, D :) For imaginarily spurring me on to be a better version of myself.

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