Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Kind of Girl You Are

I never cease to be amazed by the myriad of people that live on this earth.

Some are athletic, some are philosophers, some are brilliant. Some are kind, some are gentle and some are creative! It makes me think on the kind of person I am as a whole, and the kind of girl I am. What do others think I am?

I recently came across a girl's Facebook profile. I notice she's a simple person, who loves travelling and the great outdoors. She cycles for fun, treks hills for pleasure and travels on a serious budget to maximise her time in a country.

Sometimes I mutter to myself, "Wow, she's so simple!". And this is in a very judgey way (I'm terrible, I know), but at the same time I'm also quite ashamed to admit that I'd never be able to do what she's doing. Hack it out in the wild like that. Travel by bicycle. Live in trailers. Wear very functional clothes (ie not stylish).

So what kind of girl am I?

I like travelling in comfort-- I'd never explore the wild on a bike for sure.
I like sleeping in a nice hotel-- I'd never live in a trailer park with minimal bathing faciliries!
I like buying clothes FOR travelling-- I'd never be caught wearing that!
I like eating out at local food places in the country I'm in-- I'd never cook basic pasta with broth just to save money

With this, I conclude I am a diva.

Of course, these confessions are hard to hear. I'd hate meeting me on a holiday trip...


I will not be pressured into thinking that travelling humbly is the best way to travel. In fact, the best way to travel is in comfort. And if I can afford it, in STYLE! What girl yearns to travel dirtily and minimally?

The only minimal thing I'd want to travel with is luggage! So that I can buy more things at my travel destination to bring home!

Why shouldn't I strive to achieve the little luxuries in life? I mean, at this point in time, I'm not even insisting travelling first class to my holiday destinations, or staying in giant mansions with servants waiting on me (Not that I can afford it, haha).

But anyway, I've digressed.

What started out as a post on self reflection, supposedly aimed to teaching me a lesson on humility has only turned on itself. I am now even more determined to have greater capacity to travel and live on as little financial restraints, and in MORE frivolous luxury.

Judge away, hehe.

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