Saturday, July 28, 2007


yaaaaah you.

wah my blog so silent already.
nobody cares to say anything.

eh sorry la i emo past few posts.
i not bionic woman :(

but i can try, whee! :)

anyway, camera is STILL down,
i was so excited to post up pics of sceneries around my housing area (it's damn nice in the evening), but then camera was busted the day i wanted to go take pics :(( sighhh..

but will post pictures of things soon
:D :D
i hope.


ionStorm said...

oye! i commented what! are you saying i'm nobody?? HMPH!!

shawn said...

that totally looks like a pose that i do often! haha! hi5!

Jia Meei said...

*says stuff says stuff*

*sayangs back

keShia* said...

ewe jin: errrr... errr.. :) yes you do and i appreciate it much! and then if you say you are a nobodyyy.......... uhhh.. but nobody is perfecT? :D :D :D

shawn: hehehehe it was an attempt to pose like another friend of mine. ahhaha.. cacat one!

jia meei : aww :D yay thank you i love you ehhehe