Sunday, January 06, 2008


i've been blog surfing these days (what ELSE do i do online lah), and for some strange reason, a few blogs have been like overtaken by this ad site! i don't know why..! it's like, first the main page loads, then it's automatically redirected to that weird advertising site!


i've already clicked on a few of my links there at the sidebar, and still like that! hmm. dunno why. i hope my blog not like tht also. i'd be so gutted -_-

back to work :S


LostAndFound said...

Nope, I can still see you.

Might be something with your computer?

anonymous giant pansy said...

Oh its something to do with the expired advertlets domain.

So it affects some of the blogs with their ads.

They'll settle it soon i believe. :)

keShia* said...

chocolate: i scanned my system so it's definitely NOT me! hehe..

giant pansy: alar! never leave name again. okthankew. just realised they're all with nuffnang as well. NO WONDER! hmmm :) thanks for the info :)