Saturday, January 05, 2008


ouch seriously, my back in totally injured :(
it hurts super alot now.
i don't know what to do :(

i can't sit/breathe properly without it hurting.
why like that! :(

i need like salonplas or something :(
aiyak pain :'(


shawn said...

Hey Keshia!

I use to have them too, played basketball too hardcore lol

did a lil stretching here and there then worked out a lil... now it hasn't been disturbing me ever since!
not sure if the stretching/workout help thou. But damn it was sooo painful i had to pray about it lol
and Thank God its gone! =D

oh yea, try the lay on your tummy exercise: hands and legs all stretched forward out straight, then lift both your hands and legs up as high as u can. try a few sets!

keShia* said...

shawn: heyy! thanks :D i'll try la. but my BED itself is the problem! it's saggy and springy! and it's a single bed, i don't know how wide i can spread actually haha.. but thanks for the tip! the pain is SERIOUSLY super painful alot alot :(

Mel O said...

I promise the salonpas will reach you tmr, okay? Tahan ha? One more day....ONE more day!

jiameei said...

Poor thing *sayangs

You really should get it checked!

keShia* said...

mel: my penyelamat! :D thanks yea :)

jiameei: yes i will! soon la soon! sigh.