Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pain In The Back

i have a weak back and a flabby tummy.
i need to tone up, but to do tummy exercise, i need to have a strong back.
my back is not only weak. it's injured. and i think it's been like that for a year..?

so i've been looking up ways to strengthen my back again.
i mean, not only so that i will be able to do tummy exercises, but so that i can walk around and breathe normally without feeling a sharp (and sometimes blunt) pain in my back!

i found this:

  1. Start out lying on your back with both knees bent and your feet flat. This is the basic position for all abdominal work and the elementary back stretches. Raise one foot off the floor, and bring your knee to your chest. Gently pull your knee toward you with your hands, and hold it for a few seconds. Slowly release your knee and return your foot to the floor. Do the other leg. You can go back and forth doing this simple stretch two or three times, holding your knee for up to thirty seconds.

  2. Start in the same position as before, but hold your arms straight out to the side with your palms facing up. Keeping your knees bent and your feet together, let both knees drop to the floor on the same side while you let your head roll to the opposite side. Don't try to adjust your legs to make one rest perfectly on top of the other -- let them fall where they may. Just breathe and try to relax for up to thirty seconds. Roll your legs and head back to the center, and right on through to the opposite sides. You can also do this two or three times on each side.

  3. Go back to the starting position. Place your arms alongside your body with palms facing down. Try pressing the small of your back flat against the mat as you contract your stomach muscles while exhaling. Hold that for one or two seconds, relax and inhale. Repeat this ten or fifteen times and repeat the first two stretches afterward.

what do you think? got it from here!*clickety click*
hmmmmmmmm. i seriously need to get it checked.
otherwise i can't be pregnant :( i'd risk hurting myself by being it! O_O

boo :(


Jon Ming said...
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Jon Ming said...

My back also weak. Feels like someone hammered my spine everytime i bend forward or lean sideways.

My dad taught me the 'aeroplane' excercise to strengthen the back muscles. The back muscles apparently is crucial to holding the posture in place.


Lie on the bed, your body front facing down into the bed. Limbs stretched out to form a star on the bed.

Lift up limbs backwards into the air, and also backside, and also torso which includes head and shoulders. The only section of the body which should be touching the bed is the abdomen and lower rib cage. Hold for 10 seconds. Release and rest for 20 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Feel the strengthening.

(I couldn't even do 3 times)

*Happy noo yaaahh!*

keShia* said...

jonming: oo :) okay. i'll try. no easy feat man! but i didn't know this was to strengthen back. i used to do it as warmups before dance. cannot make it -_- haha.. but okay i'll try! my bed single bed here. dunno can stretch that wide anot.. but my back's been killing me ergh so i'll give it a try. THANK YOUUU :)

happy nooo yah!