Friday, January 04, 2008

Transformers II

hoiyoh! i dreamt that i was some kind of transformer oh!

we were having a great big battle with the bad guys in some super weird ocean-sea-like area and all the autobots could only function while stuck to a rock!

and i was the only robot that could freehand (meaning fly and not need to be stuck to a rock)! and then the mother of all bad guys shot this big ass cannon into one part of the shallow sea where there were people and "OH NOO!" there was no saving them, so all the people tried their best to swim to shore to avoid the MASSIVE tsunami that was about to happen (including this sumo wrestler haha)

but the massive cannon turned out to be some kind of spore that later started to bloat into this BIG BIG BIG bomb and there was no saving mankind because it would blow up the earth and these autobots stuck to rocks were like suicide bombers (jihad jihad)!!!!

then i came to the rescue by flying in and PICKING UP the BIG BIG spore and the bad guys couldn't believe it because i was going to save the world and slowly pick them off the rocks like oysters and eat them with lemon and tobasco sauce! mwahahha..

so i picked the BIG BIG giant heavy rock-like spore up and as i got ready to HURL it into space (like superman throw giant meteor back into space like that), my alarm went off.

mahder. i could've been some kinda hero!!!!

transformers.. more than meets the eyeeeeeeeeeeeee.
don't mess with me. i'm some super cool autobot ok!
transformers.. robots in disguissssssssssssssssseeeeee.

i sound so excited la hahahaha :)
ok i need to go grocery shopping :\

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