Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Avocado Pasta

Yeah, so i said was going to cook some exotic sounding dish right? yes, so i did that YESTERDAY :) it went well.. i mean it wasn't difficult... just to summarize the procedure:

after cooking the pasta,

1) mash avocados up. add salt, pepper and lime juice
2) chop garlic up into fine bits
3) heat up some olive oil in a pan
4) throw in garlic
5) add the mashed avocados and let it warm up and cook a while.

pour the contents from the pot on to pasta.
mix it up real good.
garnish with parmesan cheese.


yeah it's greeeeeeeeen.
i hated it.

yucky ucky cacat kreation


ganas said...

HAHHAHAHA. i saw the pic n was like... that doesnt look very appetizing. looks like mash banana b4 u put it into mixture to make muffin. lol. but avocado is full in vitamins n minerals n stuff. u shouldve made salad. slice it n eat with other veggies topped with dressing. yummy. salad i like =)

keShia* said...

yeah but it looked kinda nice though! but when eat already.... yueckh. ptui!

and yes i should've made use of it in another way hor... but i was never a BIG fan of it.. i ate some my dad brough home from indonesia last time.. it was really nice! this just tastes gross >:(