Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pisseh! Rawr!

i'm going trigger happy.

as one knows, just because you were born in a barn, doesn't make you an animal (or does it, hmm). just because you were born in a car shop, it don't make you a car.

so just because you've got a DSLR, don't mean you can take a pretty picture.
and just because you've learnt to roll around on 4 wheels, don't mean it qualifies you as a certified. just because you've held some sticks don't make you the drummerboy. just because you bought some colourful cloth, it doesn't mean you're a model.

ooooo! grrr!

i HATE it when people delve into something so shallowly and then consider themselves as "one of them". seriously! just because you've lived in the UK or US don't make you a whitey! you're still going to be a chinky (racial slur, i know. i'm just proving a point). just because you go to church doesn't give you a right to preach. and JUST because you're socially inept... wait. yeah, that's it. you're socially inept.

maybe i'm jealous ke?

i hate the way you're trying to be me.
stop it. you're never going to be me.
you don't look it. you don't talk it. you don't sing it. you don't dance it.

know it.

GRAH! bugger off you child! pffbt*