Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back Ache NO MORE!

a few days ago i was complaining how my back hurt like mad... well, it still does, just not madly. today, the accommodation office man came to solve it!

i asked for a new bed but they bargained with me and told me they'd put a plank of wood underneath me bed instead.

ok la. don't complain. better than nothing!

the plank of wood

wah how not to hurt yr back? the mattress is just on those squiggly springs only!! sure la :( summore my back already cacat :(

hopefully this plank won't break hehehehe. keshia fatty d :S hahahha. thank poon -_- boo sama dia. make keshia fatty :(

anyway, i've been doin back exercises but not the kind that jonming and shawn told me to :\ because.. i couldn't do it on my bed (it sagged), and certainly not on the floor cos... cos.. well.. a girl's got boobies -_- and.. it'd hurt to have my WHOLE weight on my torso only hor :\

heh, but thanks! i really appreciate it! :D

even when dried, they're still beautiful :)
thanks sayang <3


Wenzz said...

Eh your new header is so pretty! Can you teach me how to make a header? What programme do you use? I desperately need to change mine :(

keShia* said...

hewwo! thanks :D i used photoshop only la. simply simply mash up and taddaaa! sure i can teach! the very little i know la :\ just msg me on msn! :D

ganas said...

but when u do them back exercises rite. u dont HAVE to have ur whole weight on ur torso... stomach oso can what... dun have to go all the way down la.

daniel said...

good lah .. now at least you'll get a flat back support every night

you're welcome :)

keShia* said...

ganas: yeah loh i will try one day. assignments! plus, my back's better now heehe

daniel: i know :D

daniel said...