Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cmas at Notts :D

as you know, i spent christmas and ny's in nottingham :)
had a really nice time there.

personally, it was a nice getaway because after a whole term of english (sometimes cockney) speaking people, you just want to surround yourself with a whole bucket load of malaysian slang and feel totally at home. being able to say "damn suck la" and have him understand hahaha :) beats anything else here.

ok pictures i promised! :)

christmassy deco in one of the indoor malls!

i took like 4 pictures of this tree and it none of it can focus! i think it's because of the blinking lights hmmmmmmm.. all blur and this is the CLEAREST picture -_-
they were playing christmassy songs :D

to THIS crowded bunch.
the city was really crowded that day (23.12.07) flooded with people! there was sales and food and everything lah. didn't have time to take pics of it all. too many people, so we were scared of pick pockets as well :\
us :)

very cute! the guy in front was teaching this kid how to dance, and this little boy was like unconsciously following also! :D

then after that long day of walking (6 whole hours! walk until all the shops close!) we went back loh and then chilling chilling.. and ate ice cream! hehe.. it was my first ben and jerry's experience and poon bought Phish Food which (in my opinion) is the nicest kind of flavour in the world :D :D hee hee.. Uncle Grandpa Teoh Rui Han said he very jelak already but it was my first time and i loved it! :D

yummy mix of choc ice cream nuzzled with marshmallows and fish-shaped dark chocolate bits! how to be jelak of it?!?!?!?! cannot la cannot sure cannot

yeah and then as i realised how my hair has grown since feb, and it was extremely boring and black (the way i wanted it to be again after killing it with hair dye the previous year), i went and bought myself a box of hair dye to dye it again! :D DYI of course. i can't afford to pay 80 pounds for a hair salon treatment :(
boo :(
poon helped alot too! he did my roots cos i had no idea how to handle the bottle nuzzle thing :S it was my first time doing it also hehe :D so when i was finishing off the ends he took many unflattering pictures of me and this is all i'm posting up hmph.

bluff one in real life without camera flash there's almost no difference. waste my money and time -_-

then it was christmas already and we didn't do anything much since everything was on halt. people here actually take time to enjoy the holidays and no busses or trams were in service on that day. at home people would be flooding one utama and going around dunno doing what lah. haha... so uhm, limited pictures for tht day cos didn't do anything except lazy around loh.

in the morning we went to Beeston EFC for their Christmas service and since it was a joint service there were old people and youth and kids there! and let me tell you, the kids here are so outspoken! and brave! and talkative! they're just so cute la. at one point of the service, all kids were up front either acting or telling about their christmas gift :) wah heart melt ah.

kids here (cold country) when they wear jackets and winter coats they are soooooooooo cute! and when they walk you just wanna pick them up and kidnap them. but that's a legal offense so you can't really do what you want la :\ but so cute la aiyo so cute!

the special thingy for the day was our dinner :) the initial plan was to REALLY dress (like dress and wear shirt and slacks all) up but in the end, after all the cooking and slaving over a hot stove (more like oven), we lost interest so just wore nicer than our cooking shirts la hehe..

menu: pork chops with corn on cob and baked potato! :D

steam ah

the marinated chops.
garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, basil, mixed herbs, lemon juice, honey.
baked potatoes!!
i didn't know how to make them so i went to www.howtobakeapotato.com
lookie all them oily goodness :D

both plates looked like that so i post one only la :)
heh "dress up" konon :D

after the hefty meal (ate until pao char seriously) we went to walk walk in beeston (area near poon's accommodation). the area was so quiet save for a few people just strolling about... and we saw this pretty tree in the middle of the square out in the open air :) and while we were walking we sucked on these:

candy canes yummy :D

it says "Merry Beeston Christmas" which makes no sense but it's Christmas so everybody is somewhat more forgiving.

which concludes my Christmas as Nottingham post :)
there was a lot more we did la.. but i didn't take lotsa pictures heh. lazy mah what to do.
sorreyh :D

ok 2.30 am liao time to pee and go sleep
gnite :D and most of you msians, your day has only started :)
have a good day then :)



Mel O said...

Eh, I didn't notice that you dyed your hair also! Haiyo... Teruk la me. Went groceries shopping together also didn't realize it.

jiameei said...

Pretty new header! And pretty Keshia!

Jonathan said...

hellooo. didn't know you were in the UK as well? which part are you at?

--kim said...

Ooh I remember once when we were browsing through the B&J rack, we saw Phish Food & were like eeeyyuuuccccckkkk *gag* coz it sounded so disgusting! We opted for the more conventional flavor some chocolate fudge thing instead. Now that we really want to try Phish Food, we can't find it anymore! Haiyo.

Wenzz said...

Haha the hair colour looks nice lah. I'm sure it's visible under the sun if you can see it with a camera flash :)

debra fong said...

Lucky of you to spend your xmas with your bf!

And i misss youuu!
College life...is hectic: (

keShia* said...

melissa: hehehe sokay lah, cannot really see also, i don't blame you! sometimes i also forget i dyed it. haha

jiameei: ANOTHER header now :S hehe.. but thank you.. you are not telling the truth! hahaha :) so cute la you

kim: heehee! it sounds damn gross right! i told poon on the phone it's disgusting to eat fish food! then he told me tht it's got choc and marshmallows! so i'm like oh. hehehe it was sooooooooooo good :)

jonathan: hello! yeah i am :) i'm in London. near where you are actually. about an hour away i think? why have you locked your blog! tsk!

wenni: hehe, can see a bit a bit la.. but it looks like discolouration more than anything else... maybe i should go LIGHTER, then it'd be more prominent? my flatmate told me to try dying something else ON TOP of this colour, THEN it will show. cos glossy black hair very difficult to DYI one :(

debra: hello my dear! :D yes i was very lucky to have been able to spend it with poon :) last year didn't mah, and it was our so called first christmas as a couple.. so this yr make up for it loh :) don't worry! you'll get yr jeff back soon! :)) he's doing well i hopeeeeeeeeeee!

daniel said...

it was fun :)

watching the blood and britney kids! hahahahahhaa

kayjen said...

hahahahaha. i've been to that site! howtobakeapotato.com :p it didn't really strike me as funny back then as it does now...lol!

keShia* said...

daniel: he so drama fall down all!! hehehehe

kayjen: hehehe.. who'd've thought to go there hor. hahaha