Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5 A.M.

the birds are chirping at this hour.

and i'm up at THIS hour.

i finished studying 3 hours ago.

i just ate my dinner 2 hours ago.

i feel like reading some more.. FEEL.

it's freezing outside.

tesco is still open.

i might want to watch the sunrise.

i have a fluffy new pillow.

BIG fluffy pillow :)

i'm going to sleep on it now.

goodnightfolks :)



PEtriNa said...

WHY is Tesco still open? 24 hours?
I thought everything closed by 6pm.

You should try running round the block in shorts and a tank just for fun! hahahahaha...

OH CRAP. For some straaaaange reason, Tesco suddenly reminded me of YOU AND YOUR YUMMY TESCO CHOCOLATE.

Now i got chocolate craving. =/

As though i haven't already been over eating for CNY. Sigh.

*drags feet to the fridge to get chocolate*

keShia* said...

hehe yeah it's open 24 hours from monday-friday :)

ahhaha you're so random la! that chocolate was good, but i'm not much of a coffee lover so i didn't really like it THAAAAAAAAT much :)

HAPPY CNY! you're lucky to get to eat CNY goodies :D :D :D