Friday, February 08, 2008

CNYE Dinner

Dinner at Four Seasons last night :)
managed to waste my time compiling pictures and photoshopping them! :)

Here: My Chinese New Year's Eve!

Transport for London
On the Piccadilly line straight to Leicester Sq

looky all the red!!!! :D and the amount of PEOPLE
Ambience in Four Seasons:)
Bustling and clinking and clanking :) Typical chinese restaurant :)

A few of the lovelies that were there :)

In a chinese grocer :)
but so spensive T.T

Boring pictures of London you've probably seem one million times :\

Ah Foongkerbell bringing me to buy sweets! :D :D :D :D
I was so happy in there *teary eyes* Everything was 99p/100g!!!!!!
I couldn't make up my mind as to what I wanted!!!! But in the end I went home 1.30 pounds poorer :)

Full tummy, lighter purse, melted make up.
After a long day + night :)
also, fatty cheeks and fatty bombom already la I know -_- CNY maaaa :(



daniel said...

waaaaaaaaah! a quid for rabbit sweet O_O

so pretty :D

keShia* said...

yah spensive anot you tell me! kopiko 99p... i would have bought it la actually :) hehehe.. inside got alot. but of course not 7 ringgit's worth la... at home i buy 7 ringgit worth of kopiko i get 300 over biji mannnnn :)

but nehmind. i bought other sorts of candy hee hee

thankew :) *shy