Monday, February 11, 2008

Singing, Throat and Snoring

i've been fooling around with my webcam ever since joanne sent me her video of a short play of her newly written song. catching up with her felt really good :) forgot how it felt like to be able to connect with my co-singer :)

her vibrato's fully developed already and i feel so left behind :(
i'm not destined to have one :(

i don't know why, but i've always deemed a singer as 'a singer' if she/he can hold a real vibrato. why? because that means they're REALLY singing from the diaphragm! as in, the driving force is from there! and it sounds really nice also la :( i feel very sad one, when i see youtube videos of celine dion/whitney houston because they are just SO good la :(

and my latest fixation is on tenors :D
i just found a real love and passion for singers like.. Pavarotti hehehe..
and yeah blah dee blah blah you are not interested.

back to vibrato... i only have a slight one :\
that comes out WHEN IT FEELS LIKE IT.
my throat has a problem i tell you.

speaking of throat :(
i've been having REALLY BAD snoring problems :(

how do i know, do you ask?

well... because IT WAKES ME UP!
my own snoring wakes me up omg, i'm a gone case la! :( that's pretty bad right! i go to bed under my fluffy duvet and then as my cheeks brush against the soft and cold texture of my pillowcase, i gently and delicately fall into a sweet slumber..
but only to be awakened by MY OWN SNORING!!!!
potong stim anot you tell me T.T

ok truth is, i haven't ALWAYS snored. i never did at home!!!! so i can only conclude that it is the air here >( really one! tsk!!!!!!! it's dry and.. cold? :\

but in the mean time, are there any cures/remedies for it? like you know.. any home recipe remedies? i kinda know the reason why la.. it's because i have this semi-permanent phlegm/nose stuck thingy at the back of my throat... and when i fall asleep and all my muscles relax, the air that travels through my nose/trachea/larynx (whichever) is just... blocked by the stuff that's at the back of my throat?

save meeeeeeeeeeeee :(
i don't wanna have disrupted sleep like that :(

oh yea, the stuff i did with my webcam:

it's so cool the way we chinese celebrate for 15 days straight!
so i can still you wish you happy chinese new year :D



LostAndFound said...

So poser!!!!

PEtriNa said...

Isn't snoring usually caused by over tiredness or something?
I know that's BAD FOR HEALTH though!

But at home also you sleep with air-con, right?
Blast the heater there kau-kau la. hehehe...

And why you always say you cannot sing waaaaaaaan. :(
You can ok!


jmeei said...

Your voice very husky and nice! :D

keShia* said...


petrina: i thought so too! but i've been getting AMPLE AMPLEEEE sleep so in this case it is not the lack of it, hmm.

at home i sleep with fan. i don't like the aircon. gives me nose problems :(

hehe thankew petrinanana :D

jiameei: yea husky :( i cannot sing sweetly :( but we always want what we cannot have kinda thing :\ ah well :\ thank you though! <3