Sunday, February 17, 2008


things are just difficult.
i'm having such a difficult time now.
i'm in a difficult situation.
i'm think life is difficult.
i think he is difficult.
i AM difficult.
i don't think it's actually that difficult.
it just seems difficult.
but it doesn't have to be difficult.

so why does it have to be so difficult then!
anyhow. it's been 1.5 years of total ups and downs..
love the ups more than the downs, definitely.
love the person more than the personality sometimes :)



siaomeen said...

hugs said...

cmon, it can't be thatttt difficultttt... perk up!

keShia* said...

siaomeen: thank you :)

kim: aww thanks kim :) i'll be patroning yr site :)

kuching said...

Exams are difficult. LOL. Randomness...