Tuesday, February 19, 2008


yay exam over :p

i are retard

stress giler. so susah. stupid paper. ask all kinds of irrelevant questions like "who adopted the feral child". pffbt. duh i mean we all studied main ideas and concepts and THEORIES. not WHO adopted a wolf child! what does that have to do with anything!

why like that!
tsk -.-

i'm happier now :)
don't worry k?

esther and shane just flew off to aus!
i hope to dear ... heh, well. i hope esther won't bully shane! ehehahahah
or.. shane won't prank esther...
whichever :)

have a good time there k.
shane- be good!
esther- be good!

k lah sleepy liao. dowan talk so much :)



kayjen said...

you is retard :D

Schmae said...

so you're on holiday now?! i just started sem 1!

why uk damn weird lorh!

keShia* said...

kayjen: abuhdennnnn :)

shengmae: EH! where got! i no holiday until march 14th neh! hehe no la uk not THAT weird la hehe.. wait la one more month then let loose for 3 weeks woot woot!

when's YOUR holidays?

Mel O said...

You look damn...cute. Hahaha.

keShia* said...

mel: HAHA! awwww shankew :) tattau betul ke tak ni :S

-MeL- said...

Yea!!! The MCQ asks silly Qs! What can a 5 n 1/2 mth infant do but not a 4 n 1/2 mth infant? =.=" Like la we got time to hafal ALL the mths!!! Glad it is over! LOL! Saw u cooking today! Bwhahahah!

keShia* said...

melissa: maybe they thought it was bonus for us and we so bratty complain about it hahaha!