Saturday, February 16, 2008



i woke up today with a hunger i've never felt before in my entire life.

it was the greatest physical pang i've ever experienced and once i got my ass out of the bed at THREE FREAKING PM i realised that enough is enough. i shall not lie and toss and turn around in my bed under my fluffy sheets with the company of my baby pillow and newly bought FLUFFY wuffy pillow and slip into dreamland with the comforts of softness and wonder...

so i got up and made breakfast.

niama you know what i ate ah?

easily 10pcs of wafer thin ham
one fried egg
one big bowl of tomato cream soup
4 pieces of toast with sunflower spread
one chocolate muffin (this one still eating now)

thats alot loh! and i toasted the extra 2 pieces of toast (i initially only made 2 pieces) because there was alot of tomato soup left and i thought "why waste it all without dipping it in bread??" so i happily went out to toast another 2 pieces and grabbed a muffin along with me into my room.

summore sleep so much.

i have 4 more long chapters to slog over before the exam on monday :'(
someone saaaaaaaaaave me :(
i don't really have an interest in learning about WHY children have certain ways of moving and how they slowly develop the ability to grasp things... the book even requires us to remember the TYPES of grips babies have! i mean!!! babies just hold things la! they want then they want la!

heeyor :\
i know it's for the greater good.. but seriously.
the TYPES of grips???

*rolls eyes*


LostAndFound said...

Sounds like pregnancy =)

kuching said...

I feel you. I feel you.

keShia* said...

chocolate: CHOI!

chingyee: T.T fat camp here we come

kuching said...

To answer the question that you posed on my blog: Ya, aku memang bercakap tentang ang moh itu. Jangan beritahu dia. =X

PEtriNa said...

It's the cold. Blame it on the cold.

Like how we're all blaming CNY for making us put on weight. :(
We had no choice!

keShia* said...

ching yee: HAHAHAHA :) replied on yr blog i think!

petrina: yeah, ppl say that we should bulk up for winter :S but i'm always in the heated room of mine.. so.. NO REASON TO BULK UP! plus, i'd like to maintain weight thanks. i still dunno how much i weigh haha :)