Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day..

solely to celebrate LOVE! :)

what more Love from God above who gave His Son unconditionally for the sake of you and me both 2000 years ago so that we as children of His may live freely and abundantly in the Love that He first gave :) joyful, joyful :)

a day to commemorate an abstract idea called Love, and a day to celebrate Love with all whom you love! it's not about the dresses or the chocolates or flowers.. or the fancy dinner dates long and early planned out.. neither is it about having "quiet couple time" to bask in each other's presence..

it's about celebrating the ability to LOVE because He first loved us with ALL His heart- His beating, aching, living Heart :)

so yes :) today- be the day to celebrate Love.

Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovelies :)

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