Tuesday, February 26, 2008


keshia (: says (12:46 AM):
i'm still feeling lazy hee hee

║♥Meli§sa♥║ says (12:46 AM):
hehehe me too!! haven't done anything besides cooking n cleaning room

keshia (: says (12:47 AM):
my room needs hoovering but my back still a bit sore so need to wait a while hehehe

║♥Meli§sa♥║ says (12:47 AM):
hahaha need my help not!

keshia (: says (12:47 AM):
to hoover?? hahaha no lah! its okay lah! ahha wait a while more for my back to be better then can already one! hahaha why you so nice one hahaha offer to help with hoovering omg

wah tell me where to find such a nice and loving friend mmm?
happy birthday MY darling! :D
daniel don jealous :)

may you be blessed with all things great and joyful
as you turn 21 this year!
BIG GIRL already hor!
have to learn to MAKE DECISIONS hor!
heheheh.. kidding nia :)

blessed brithday!!!! :)


Mel O said...

*teary eyes*

I just read such nice, touching, loving, and caring post on my birthday!! Hahaha. I know how to make decision one lor! You dunno only. Hehehe. Anyway, I malu d lar you post the whole convo on your blog! *blush* LOL.

I look fat in the pictures! Tsk. Need to take more pretty pictures liao!! Let's camwhore together :D

I'm on seventh heaven cz you called me darling! Hahaha.

Anyway, thank you for cooking the dinner on Sunday!! Was so yummy!! *hugs*

keShia* said...

want me to smack you ah! -_-

and yr welcome :) i know you miss indian food hehe. hopefully it's A LITTLE bit like indian food la hor :D