Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Season of Lent...

... what will you be giving up?

i thought long (kinda) and hard (sorta) about what i wanted to give up during this period and came up with almost nothing.

why nothing?

well firstly... i don't have much. all i have are my hot showers, my pillow, the internet, my food and... and... yeah. that's it.

i can't give up hot showers -_- i mean that'd be stupid.
i sleep with my pillow lah!!!!
i neeeeeeeeed the internet for checking mail (uni stuff), talking to parents all that.
if i gave up food it'll mean giving up one meal, and this means i'll only HAVE one meal left.

so i thought deeper and harder...
and i've come to a decision!

i'm giving up dlisted or any sort of tabloid websites!
why? because i find myself clicking on it every 2 hours (sometimes less) to read what's going on!!!!!! and although i'm not as addicted to it as i was LAST YEAR (i also gave dlisted up for Lent last year), i think i should lay off it a while. it takes up quite alot of time! time that i can use to STUDY (ho ho ho*)

oh and another thing i'm giving up is shopping.
not that i shop alot.. but i just looooooooooove it la T.T.
BUT the thing is.. Lent starts tmrw, and coincidentally, i'm going to shop for CNY clothes tmrw as well!!!!


but i think it's kinda excusable.
i think.
dunno la. but i won't shop anymore after that! i promise!! so whether or not this is considered a "sacrifice", i don't know. since i'm breaking my lent sacrifice on the FIRST day? hmmmmmmm...!!

to be frank, both of the things that i plan to "sacrifice" just doesn't seem "awesome" enough (to me) to be counted as a sacrifice. but when i don't have any luxuries around me, there's just nothing to give up sorta thing?

so i'm making a few things up as well.

in this case.. it will be going for EVERY CLASS on monday for the next 40 days!
ROAR! this was a terribly tough thing to decide because i really CANNOT tahan to go for ALL classes on monday loh! some of you know how often and when i go for class hor :) all together in the span of 4 month's worth of classes... i've only been for all full 4 classes in a day for 3 times.

siao or not you tell me!

so for Lent i'm going to bertaubat and go for ALL classes. EVERY single class from 10am right up till 5pm! *constipated face*

  • shopping
  • dlisted
  • my lazy time

    it's going to be totally worth it :)


    daniel said...

    you can do it! add oil!

    daniel said...

    oh yeah! parable of keshia and her tabloids! hahahhaa

    keShia* said...

    you can do it too yang! :D
    stay off the biatch! :D