Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Take A Look At Yourself!

... before talking so much!

i say that because yesterday, when i was browsing through blogs, i came across this person's word space, and saw that she wasn't any "normal" girl. i'm not trying to be stupid or condescending, but yeah this girl was fat. it sounds so mean and degrading, but i cannot find another word. maybe overtly chubby might suit, but i still think it sounds very off.


yea this girl wasn't your average size 8 (is that even average these days? or has it shrunk to 6??). She was a large girl but with long thinning hair. she wouldn't make me look twice at her la that kinda thing, and i didn't go on to judge her, but i never would have assumed that she would have a boyfriend.

i know this because she refers to him as "baby" and darling and all that other sugary mush gooey gunk you girls call your boyfriends. so i went to see her older archives to see what kinda guy she has la. NOTE: i didn't go to compare notes la.. i just went to see how the couple is like.

to my surprise, he was a skinny boy. average looking and you know. average chinese boy lah. but if anyone will know, chinese boys don't usually go for fat girls. they even call them pork chops! i mean, that's pretty degrading and non-rational la if you ask me cos i think pork chops are damn yummy and why wouldn't anyone NOT want pork chops!!?

again, anyway...

i sent poon the link la. and i told him to go see it cos it's really interesting that that girl has a boyfriend like that! he then asked me "like what?". i just told him that it was not very likely la... a totally unlikely couple. then he paused and asked...

"why? because she very fat ah?"
"well... yeah, because i thought guys don't like fat girls mah.. i'm just saying unlikely couple la"
"yeah we also what"


hehehe. yea hor.
we also what.

i'm the taller and darker one in the relationship
so unlikely also.


people will usually say about us
"girls don't usually like shorter guys"
and i would agree to that!

"either she has a lot of money or he genuinely loves her"
"he buys stuff for her one wor.."
"so he genuinely loves her la"

and people will usually say about us
"either he has a lot of money or she genuinely loves him"

yeah so i learnt my lesson. i won't simply go and say "ew that's such an ugly couple", unless we are talking about neo and trinity (urgh); because i have an unusual boyfriend who has an unusual girlfriend.

either i'm rich or he's rich lah. which neither is true so i guess it must be love :D heee :)


Mel O said...

Yes yes, true love la. Not true love won't last so long even when you both were so far apart! If not true love what else kan? :D

LostAndFound said...

hahahahhahaa i tot 'we also same' meant you were fat..... =) =) =)

keShia* said...

mel: hahaha i hope so! you too ok! :D

oon ee: *cryyyyyyyyyyyyy*

siaomeen said...

hee... that's why people say love is blind.. =D

Shen said...

actuallly... i dunno bout uk.. but in australia.. average is like.. size 12.. so she might be normal.. just not in an asian country

keShia* said...

siaomeen: i do not believe that love is blind.. i believe that it accepts wtv that so called "lacking"! God is Love and Love cannot be blind because HE is not blind! :D

shen: hmmm. i don't know about the uk either.. but i'm assuming it's an 8? the girl in the post is from aussie.. so maybe she's average sized there, i dunno :\

Wenzz said...

Awwww, so sweet! :D

keShia* said...

wenni: hehe thankew :)

kuching said...

I also thought he meant that you are the fat girl and he's the normal, average Chinese boy. HAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding. =X

jmeei said...

I dunno but I've always found you and Poon to be very 'chan' hee

PEtriNa said...

I have this theory where reeeeally skinny guys like plus sized girls.

It is actually quuuite rare to see a fat boy and a fat girl couple. hehh..

keShia* said...

ching yee: WAH! that bad meh! am i THAT fat??? :'(

jiameei: haha :) thanks :) i hope so! i mean. hahaha :) personality wise i suppose. we double dating again when i get back ok! litat didn't get to join us the last time round :\

petrina: REALLEH!! maybe cos they wanna get their hands on sum meatttt! cos you know, they lack it :\ hehehe. yea it's super rare. unless it's AFTER marriage la. HAHAHAH... that one quite normal. i may be like that also..! much to poon's despair! hahahahahaha...

kidding :)

headloco said...

Whoa.. At first when reading thru ur post I thought "Wah so judgemental and insulting to those couples.." Hahahahha... But ending of your post covered it all up =P

At least you speak both sides of the story! :) As in, not being biased lah to those couples.. Hehehehhh.. Cheersssssss!

keShia* said...

eugene: I'M NOT SO HEARTLESS AND BITCHY OKKK... i can be bitchy la, but not without reason! hee :)

cheers to you too and xin nien quai le!

Shen said...

hahah really? i thought uk and aus were on par for being the 2nd most obese countries hahaha wait till u go to us. :P haha actually u dont' need to, just watch the talk shows.:P