Monday, February 04, 2008

What I Like To Do.

Hi. She was born on the 27th August in 1987. This makes her an 80's baby. Her parents named her Keshia because it is a conjoined version of each of their names. Her mother's surname is Shia, and since her mother calls her father Ken, they initially named her Kenshia. After some thinking, Kenshia sounded a little bit funny so they decided to take off the 'n' and stick with Keshia. They thought it would be a nice name since there are already a few superstars in the United States of America with the same name. Although so, her name is essentially a joint name of both her parents.

She grew up in Johor although was born in SJMC. She spent most of her childhood playing alone because she didn't have any siblings. She spoke fluent mandarin as a child and her best friend's name was Teng Teng. Teng Teng's mother was an evil monster. Seeing that she played mostly alone, Teng Teng's mother always stared at her from her bedroom window. One day, when little Keshia was playing badminton all by herself, the shuttle cock flew into Teng Teng's house compound. Teng Teng was not at home so she had to ring the bell to ask Teng Teng's mother to open the gate for her to take the shuttle cock. Even when she rang the doorbell, Teng Teng's mother refused to open the gate. She told Keshia to reach in with her hands to grab it. Obviously it was in vain because she was young and had short hands.

When she turned 4 years old, her mother was pregnant. Her parents told her she was going to have a baby brother but didn't really care because she didn't really know what it meant. When Kenny, the brother was born, she thought of him as an ugly old man. Truly he was. Only, he was a baby. she didn't really like her brother but he was alright. The real reason why her parents even had another child was because Keshia started talking to the mirror. This worried her parents much and made them contemplate on giving her a sibling. The truth is, Keshia was playing make believe like all the characters in Disney was telling her to. How misunderstood her actions were!

The family moved to KL when she started Kindergarten. She attended this place called Aladdin. You would assume that everything in the kindergarten was filled with pictures and cartoon characters from the Disney show "Aladdin", and you would be right. Her first best friend was an Indian boy named Velman and her first boyfriend was a Chinese boy named Eric. Her first enemy was a pompous little girl who threatened the "friendship" with a big piece of yucky ginger.

She grew up in Damansara Jaya for most of her life and attended primary and secondary school in that suburban area as well. Her best friend was a girl from Kuching and was the closest to her from year six till secondary 5. Primary school was much of a blur. The girl had a crush on the same malay boy for 5 years and watched him collect girlfriends. She, Keshia was a fat and dark little girl who got into lots of trouble in primary school- hence, the lack of memory because she repressed it.

Secondary school was also a blur. She then took fancy 3 different guys in the span of 5 years. She was a very horrible science student and never did well in her final 2 years of secondary school. She struggled her way through O Levels but managed to come out of it alive and kicking. She never wore a pinafore to school because it was uncomfortable and she was fat. The sides of the belt would cut into her tummy, revealing a very unflattering bulge. She was almost all the time clad in her baju kurung and refused to conform to the plastic ways of the DJGirls. CF SMKDJ was her sanity refuge even though everybody there was a tad bit retarded (this includes herself). Although one may argue that being in a retarded social group in secondary school would be social suicide, this retarded social group made her who she is today- still pretty retarded.

She graduated from secondary school and had her first weird non-existence relationship with a younger boy. It was terrible, unnerving and thrilling at the same time. She did things she didn't normally do. She felt things she didn't normally feel. She went through highs and lows for that boy but never knew the reason why, and never had the assurance that there would be a reason why at the end of it. Nobody knew about the relationship. Nobody would understand. She kept her apparent joys to herself but suffered and cried every night for a year and a half over it. She, until this day does not know what she was crying about. The relationship ended very abruptly when something drastic happened that threw her into a different zone. She felt thwarted in the wrong direction for over half a year, but still made herself comfortable till daylight came and made it out alive. She lost a whole lot of weight in the process too!

Days and months passed and she started changing her outlook. She walked out on some people, and some people walked out on her. She began to mix and fold into society's norm and began to realise that there was definitely more to life than just the obligations of relationships. She had great fun showing off people who troubled and threatened her, and had even more fun gaining the prize from the run off. She cut herself off certain people and let it hurt and let whatever it was heal before addressing again. Life was good. Partying, staying out late and having lots of boozing sessions till the wee hours of the morning was the life of all her classmates. She was the mother. Mother Kan, mother Kan.

my life is so boring.
look- it's all summarized here.

the gruelling starts tmrw.

ps: my lights pao! and now one is flickering and the other is buzzing!
i can harmonize with the buzzing light!
how cool is that!!!! :D


keShia* said...

keshia: no la keshia your life is exciting la *console console*

keshia: i'm consoling myself wtf.

this is only to break the whole 0 responses thing. i HATE seeing 0 responses esp if previously and after this post got SOME kinda response. i'm so anal like that -_- tsk.

kayjen said...

so sad :( i wouldn't like to know i was born just because my kokor was going crazy from loneliness :( hahahha :)
there, broke it for you x)

keShia* said...

hahahaha :D yeah it wouldn't be too nie to have tht kinda knowledge la hor? hahahah..

but my dad loves kids so i guess that's the OTHER reason he was born bwahahha :D

and thanks X) you read through at least the 2 paragraphs :D heheh i feel loved <3

daniel said...

eh dont like that lah! your life interesting what!
at least more than mine. haha

keShia* said...

eh joking neee :)

my life is not THAT interesting.
you life not interesting meh!

let's make it interesting then! >) hee hee!
i sell all your football players then sure interesting already :D :D :D

daniel said...

OI!! simply sell!
hard work ok! its not like your sims like that ... simply simply can play one! hahhaa
this one needs technique and strategy

keShia* said...

nyahahahahahhahahaha *evil*