Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Have Peanut Butter on My Mind...

..... yum :9

and lots more.


i am stucked at my discussion material!
i feel so inadequate all of a sudden... and now, nothing's been more uncertain.
i'm scared shitless, seriously.

it all ends in may, and starts again in june.


how are my SPM babies doing, i wonder. i hope all is well because i think results are comin out today (msian time 12th march 08)? i'm not sure. but i hope to hear from one of them. hmm.

all the best!


the worse thing you'd want to find out is that you were following a leader who led you to believe that you were living a new dream, a splendid vision... only to find out that those dreams were just his failed fantasies.


yes or no, i will not know. but my heart aches for the ones who actually look twice.
we indeed see things from a greater perspective when we look from outside the box.


my toilet is mold free!


what has wings so it can't fly
and what doesn't have wings and ENABLES it to fly??


i hate dead weights.


the answer is sanitary pads heheheheeh


i'm getting chills listening to this one song.
powerful and her vocals are just the same.


i have a sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight itch...
itch to what? :D

shop la abuden.
little bit more!
ooooooooooooooo! i cannot wait XD


ok pics from notts.
random k?
nottingham's own eye :)

picturesque trent

gedik anwari -.-

melissa on a concrete ball!



ours :)

university park :)

haha :)
zoom kao kao

before entering
i look so bad :(

with Tan!

with the superstar INA!
they are all ex-prefects!

chingyee, hanie, mel lim

ming zi, yong tze, ching yee, anwari, hanie, mel ong, mel lim :)

us <3

cool stuffs!

the shy boy named ilyia (don't talk to me wan) & daniel
being very woman-like. heahahha

a picture he will not approve of me posting.
i like :D

ok bye!


debbeh woo! said...

i got it today!! i got it i got it!! hehehe :)

keShia* said...


Wenzz said...

Hahaha what happened to Poon? Drunk or was it just his off camera moment? :P

Notts looks so pwetty!

keShia* said...

wenni: hahahahah.. he? drunk?! hahahahaha.. he wasn't high on anything. that's his default "bodoh" face hahaha! :D

yes, it is, isn't it? :D i like!