Thursday, March 13, 2008

Circa April 07

so i was on my way, on a sunny day
for a meeting, and time was fleeting
late late late, and evelyn had to wait wait wait,
but on the way there, i got some traffic flair

it was a 2-way road, cars moving like they float
slow like gila babi, but everyone in a hurry
but it was my right of way, no matter what they say
cos i learn in driving school, not to be a fool

then so i went my way, no matter what they say
and then suddenly hor! this woman that look abit 'soh'
she gave me big big present, the thing that don't look pleasant.
she flash me her longest finger, and her face never looked sicker!

she look like aging aunty, so sad and wrinkled and ugly
her frown so stress and long, angry; but donno how to horn
instead the aunty keep cursing, but nairmind, i just keep singing
then she shake her head, but i gave her smile instead

so i think abit more, maybe she feels abit sore
why you ask leh hor? cos nobody marry her la aiyor!
attitude like that so busuk, how to expect anyone to tusuk!

then further up the cacat road, i look back at that toad
and then i said "AISEH!", actually she got kids wan weih!
wah liao this siao cha bo, simply curse and cuss like war
then of course i pity her la, probably husband left her or what la

then i just tilt my head, cos between cars, nothing can be said
then i flash flash a smile, surely can see from a mile
because jesus said, slap you here, you give them other side to play

but then inside actually i very mm song,
i angry until i feel like something wrong
but i know that it is not good
so i found another way to say *tooooooooooooooot!!!!!*

but before i carry out my plan, i make sure she's blocked by a van
then i always drive in front of her, to irritate her sama-sama!
that was a one lane road ma, so thats why she cannot do anything la :D
but as soon as the road got bigger, this woman, she got bolder!

but i was excited! like wowwww! cos i memang purposely wanted to kacau
i swerve here there to block her, BECAUSE SHE'S SUCH A BLISTER!
but then i let her pass, so that i can pass...
MY BIG WET FLYING KISS, to make her further pissed

and then she flash me her longest finger again!!


shawn said...

OMG keshia,you're a natural-born poet!

Undiscovered talent right here wei! haha!

btw, good for you! would have done the same, but worst! hehe

keShia* said...

shawn: this is circa 2007! april as well! haha almost a year ago! i am not as talented anymore hahaha :)

estherlauderlyn said...

hahahahahah!~ keshia you making me laugh in the IT lab at 1130pm - ppl staring funny at me now. WHY IS EVERYONE'S POST MAKING ME LAUGH IN SOME LAB where i can be laughed at?!

Jia Meei said...

HAHAHA so angsty! But funny

Kay Jen said...

didn't you post this in multiply last year? :P it still makes me laugh

keShia* said...

esther: hahaha glad it made you happier then :)

jiameei: haha yea i was quite pissed. but haha.. yeah :)

kayjen: yea yea it was on multiply but i didn't have anything to blog abt so i just reposted this up again hehehe :) glad it still tickles you har har :D