Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'll Be Back...

will not be able to update much these few weeks :(
studying and assignmenting and if not? going out shopping after easter! :D

will be back april 11th ish?
maybe earlier, i dunno :)

HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!! esp to those who HAVE holidays :)
to those who do not, it's alright! you have good food at home so shaddarp!
don't stop sayanging meeeeeeee :(
because i still stalk you hahahaha :D

i'll be contactable by email, and my facebook will be active :)
muacks muacks muacks


jia meei said...

OKOK all the best dearrr

Wenzz said...

Aiyooo there goes my daily dose of blog reading after a long day in school. Sigh.

Hope everything goes well dear! Heh.

keShia* said...

jia meei: thank you sweetie :)

wenni: hhahaha i TRY la to rant if i can in between having fun and doing work. so far... too much fun only :X