Thursday, March 06, 2008

NOTTS! and food -_-

i'm here!

nottingham has it's own EYE! hahah, it's tiny in comparison to london's, and it moves real quick too! was going to go find out the price but it was just too cold so we just sat at the city square staring at it. yeah, and i caught a cold. BRILLIANT! what did i tell you about murphy's law? i'm not going to be surprised by anything at this rate, seriously.

but ooooo, i can't wait to go shopping again hee hee
although i know i won't buy anything cos i'm so picky, but the layaning thought of trying on shoes and tops and dresses and boots and belts and heels and looking at bags and jewelry and sexy things like lingerie (harhar) and cars (ahhahah, even more cannot buy).

i like to see la. at least can see ma :)
ok i lied, i'd probably walk out of a store with a cookie.
it's all i buy these days- food

fatty bombom.

NO BUT WAIT! i was looking thru old photos of myself BEFORE i came to UK and OMGLAEVERYBODY i was so fat. hahahahahhaha... ridiculously fat! kenot tahan so fat tht kind. tummy spilling everywhere, double chin bigger than my forehead (and my forehead is quite large), arms wobbling like the jello i made... but legs sama hahaha. so basically upper body all fat! hahhahaha..

ok i'm glad i'm back to my normal size now.
i hope i lose MORE so that i can gorge myself with home food when i DO eventually go home at the end of august hehe :) wai sek kai here i come! oh my assam laksa oh my hong kong chee cheong fun, my oh chien, my mango loh, my lok lok, my curry mee, my char kuey teow...

my sri paandi! the indian rice, the freebies they give, the papaduum, the overoveroverovernight kari, my sotong goreng, the dried chillie the fried peria T.T what about roti canai, those, paper those, mumtaj naan from mohsin, maggi goreng, mee mamak goreng extra cili, mee rojak, nasi kandar, lontong, limau ais, teh o ais limau, neslo, teh ais, milo super kao, and HORLICKS AIS! omg T.T

reminiscing about food la now because ms estherlau was complaining about home food. niama. it's been only 6 months since i touch down ok T.T why is time passing oh so slowly, yet when i look at the amount of work that i have to complete before graduation, time just seems to be changing gear and suddenly pushing the pedal to the metal! boo sama semua. boo sama university!

back to food,
my chicken rice, my beef ball noodle from my long lost father in centrepoint, my cheap and lousy bali ais anywhere and everywhere i go, my pan mee, my wah tan hor, my popiah, my chicken porridge, my GREEN VEGETABLES OMG, my nasi goreng sambal belacan yg sebenar, *wipes drool off*, my har mee, my tom yam kung, my dim sum!!!!!!!!: siew mai, har gao, yu pehng, wu kwok, char siew pao, loh mai kai, fish porridge and loh bak ko T.T

NOT TO FORGET MY EVERYDAY SOUPS like my lin ngau tong, my CLEAR abc soup, jagung soup, my kort tong, my yok choi tong, my kai tong and my popo's special chu tou tong T.T

also my desserts leh!!!! the tong yuen, the hong tau sui, lok tau tong suey, fu chuk pak kor tong suey, yimai fu chuk tong sui, my fa sang wu, my hak zhi mah wu and my ultimate favorite hak loh mai T.T

dissertation habis dulu baru boleh fikir oh :(


-MeL- said...

Wahhh...the thought of the food...*Sigh* I made hak loh mai before. Din know u were a fan of it too if not I can offer u some =p Too late now...LOL!

Mel O said...

Wah, all the food! Luckily words only lor. You didn't include pictures. If not, I might have drown my laptop in my saliva. Hehehe. It's okay darling, 7 more months at most and we'll be back to the land where we belong =)

Schmae said...

FIVE paragraphs about food keshia! O_O

*claps :p

keShia* said...

melissa lim: wahhhhhhhh.. you had hak loh mai! so nice ok.. boo. with the santan all. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

melissa ONG: yea LUCKY la. cos i no pictures. haha i mean, got la. actually.. ALOT. but i dowan to cry hahaha... cos i miss it so much booo :(

shengmae: i know right. that's ALL i eat when i'm at home.. NOT counting home cooked food and the likes of the junk like rojak, keropok lekor, bachang, machii, dong song sweets, twisties (here don't have), and that ringo! :( booooooooooooooooooo...

estherlauderlyn said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! you miss food more than me! oklah despite the fact that i've been here only 3 weeks.

keShia* said...

esther: long way more to go girl... long way more. but then i hear you're going back in the mid year. pffbt! no fear la then!