Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Serious, Serious...

SO! Getting down to serious stuff, I'm even going to type properly with proper capital letters after every fullstop I make. Not to mention, I will be capitalising the letter 'I' whenever I refer to myself. This will be a feat! Because usually, I don't bother. Now, whenever the letter 'I' comes out, it comes out more PROMINENTLY in my head.

I will be explaining the situation I am in with regards to my Final Year Project a.k.a. THESIS. Yeah, don't I just sound so old and growed up, doing a thesis now. Huhuhu. Yeah, but here's the deal. I had a preconceived idea that I am able/have the right to choose whatever topic I want to do a research on. Apparently, my preconceived idea was true.

However, due to poor administrative handling, some students (including me) were not assigned to a project supervisor earlier in the term (ie: October). We were only assigned 2 weeks ago. Great. So the thesis that is due in May has only started it's babysteps 2 weeks ago! DIE LAH. Although so, we were the subject of sympathy due to the administrative flop, and an extension was granted. Now we have till August.

5 months and counting.

Due to the administrative failure, we now do not have the liberty to choose topics we prefer to do for our thesis and are almost basically left and cornered into a "do-or-die" situation. How, you ask? It's either you do the supervisor's "ENCOURAGED" topic, or you find another supervisor. Gee.


Doesn't really sound good, right? Yea, I know, tell me about it! :( But God is super good, and He blessed me with a supervisor who is EXTREMELY understanding to my situation and have agreed to help me as much as she is possibly able to, and has also blessed me with a good topic that I am not against.

So let me announce that for my thesis, I will be doing an extensive research on Eye-Witness Memory: The Effects of Social Postwarning.

In extreme contrast to the prior topic of which I wanted to do which was everything to do with Personality Testings (like the IPIP, Theory of Big 5, etc.) Thankfully, I am not picky with my topic, and it does seem like an interesting study so I'm thankful for what I've been given, seeing the circumstance that I have found myself in.



Schmae said...

keshia! omg i feel your pain here. :( at least it didn't go totally off course for you.

eyewitness memory eh? gonna be the protege of ms winnie la! haha. best of luck in your thesis aight?

i know i'm gonna flop when it comes to my turn. :p


daniel said...

wah how can such a thing happen! luckily youve got an understanding supervisor. Good luck yah :)

-MeL- said...

Taniah! LOL! Good luck, woman! Cya in Notts! xx

keShia* said...

shengmae: HEY DON'T SAY THAT! if i can do it, you definitely can! plus you have a whole year to prepare! don't worry k! :) it's exactly like a lab report actually. just... LONGER and MORE past research than usual i guess... and a more extensive methods section (my fave sect haha)

and thanks! muah to you too

daniel: i know right -_- ini lousy mia tempat tsk! yea at least she's lovely. she's REALLY damn nice loh

mel: hee hee thanks and yay notts in 3 days for you! :D you can go shopping damn nice to shop there ok :)