Friday, April 25, 2008


i've been just simply typing things and posting it up :\
sorry, veh busy :\
somebody help mehhhhh T_T
can die one weih. sigh

anyway, been stuck in my room, only get to take pictures of whatever's in my room,
or whatever that can be seen FROM my room..
so ok lah let you see what i see. haha :)

tree branch that is very rebellious. still dowan to grow leaves, unlike his peers aih -_- summore it has to be the one that is DIRECTLY outside my room, leaving me with such a sight. so ugly okay. looks like something is going to grow, but really actually.. nothing is growing. tsk ;(

have been putting myself through a (strict) diet for the past week. yeah, and it only lasted me 4 days. really cannot diet one lah me. tsk! i've tried ok. going without carbs for 4 days was actually PRETTY excruciating! finally when i allowed myself to eat ONE potato, i went crazy cos i just loved the taste of carbs EVEN MORE (than i already did), and proceeded to whack a whole bag of crisps -_________- it was a mistake to have bought that pack of crisps. AND IT WAS FOR MEL! I TOTALLY FORGOT AND I GO MAKAN!!! see lah, dahlah langgar diet, eat ppl's food summore T_T i'm sorry mel ;(

yea yea wtv, i'm super heavy i know. everyday my weight fluctuates between 59 and 60. when i wake up, its 59. after i eat, it's 60. before i sleep it's 59 again... and the trend goes on. it seems that i drink+eat 1 whole kg at every meal! O_O can't be right, hmmm...

alar, dunno la. all i know is that diet is not working. especially with one's discipline like mine, phuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. carbs are so good :( they are great :( they are damn niiiiiiiiiiiiice :( boooooooo T_T

yea and i have also been waiting (very patiently) for 3 PACKAGES since last month. the BAG has finally arrived!! or so i THINK it has. i mean, i can only see this red slip right now and will only know WHAT actually arrived when i get to the post (sorting) office. aih. it BETTER be good or else >( very marah-fying cos i waited so long. the THIRD package isn't here TILL NOW aiyoyo summore want to claim that they sent it with FIRST CLASS mail. NO SUCH THING LAH! tsk!! first class mail takes like whut, 1-2 days? ok lah give you leeway... 5 days lah! but it's over a month niama -_- aihh. eBay lah. what to do! aih aih aih.

these days (what with day light being really LOOOONG!), boys are frequently coming out to play tag rugby in the courtyard. yea okay, it looks all fun and charming and all that, but really... you know how boys get right, halfway through they game some joker will just want to be the ass and start making the others angry. so a lot of yelling goes on and it's very distracting ESPECIALLY when you have finals coming up on Monday, ish -_- yea and also sometimes they clever go throw the ball up to the roof of the laundrette and some poor soul had to climb up to get it... then he had no way down but boys being boys got BIG EGO dowan ask for help to climb down so he had to stay up there long enough to gather some courage to climb down again
boys and their ego. aihhhhhh

speaking of laudrette,
let me tell you something gross.
somebody in THIS HALL OF RESIDENCE (i don't know who), must've been pissed drunk! you know why! because one day he wandered into the laudrette (probably with his equally pissed drunk friends), and decided to play a prank on some poor innocent soul


he opened the dryer, and SHAT in it!
he shat in the dryer!
that's super...
barbaric/weird/traumatising/disgusting/filthy/childish/*insert appropriate word here* !!!!!!

yeah, and the best part is, there was someone's laundry in there, and he STOPPED IT, and then proceeded to DEFECATE in it, and then after that, so cleverly STARTED THE DRYER UP AGAIN, choosing the RIGHT SETTING (eg: colours and whites)!!!!!

lesson of the millenium: never do your laundry in any student Halls of Residence at night. when there's a clubbing event going on. ever. never. ever.



kuching said...

Omg?? Super gross is an understatement?? How you know??

foongmei said...

wtf! eww.. u saw ah?

-MeL- said...

That is super disgusting!!! Im so gona sit n watch my laundry in the future! ERGH!

yong-z said...


keShia* said...

ching yee: my flatmates friend kena :S aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaih. poor girl ok... shitty clothes! O_O

foong mei: no la my flatmate was warning me la don't do laundry at night >.<

mel: aih, yea! sit there and wait! study/read a book... ANYTHING. ergh. not safe -_-

yong tze: ahaha yea i know. robbins no such thing right!!

Wenzz said...

OMG OMG EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Keshia!? Seriously??! Urrgghh and I'm the kind that will throw my laundry into the machine then happily go out for dinner and collect it 3 hours later. Ewwwwwww. Ok now I'm getting paranoid. O.o

keShia* said...

hahaha, only in england la these things, aihhhhhhhhh...