Thursday, April 24, 2008


I want an LBD!

Awh cmon i'm 21 years old and I don't have a SINGLE LBD!
That's not right, is it.....?

Oh well.


kuching said...

Apa tu LBD??

daniel said...

you not 21 ... yet

keShia* said...

kuching: it's not a bodily symptom or a physiological phenomenon la :) hahahaha :D

daniel: alar, but still! i want ;(

daniel said...

lazy boyfriend disorder! haha

keShia* said...

i dowan that one >(

kuching said...

Huh?? BLUR. Nice profile pic btw. LOL!

keShia* said...

ching yee: LBD= Little Black Dress hee hee :)

and yea the profile pic, uhm.. hahaha. the few TRUE looking shots of me haha :)

Schmae said...

isn't london flooded with lbds?? :)
take yr time looking for the perfect one lorh.

it'll come when it comes. :)

keShia* said...

shengmae: no not really :( there ARE some really good ones, but NATURALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY... they cost more than an arm or a leg sigh.

one day la one day haha

eh you are talking about this like i'm waiting for boyfriend hahahaha :)