Saturday, May 24, 2008

And I find it kinda funny, find it kinda sad

'Mad World' by Gary Jules.

It's a song featured in the cult movie 'Donnie Darko' about space travel and parallel universes, starring Jake Gyllenhaal (tembak-ed the spelling) as the title character. When I first saw the movie, I felt that the song reflects the theme, emotions, plot and sub-plots of the film. If you've never heard of the film, you should really try and watch it. The key word being 'try'. Haha!
Try not to watch it alone in the middle of the night. It's NOT a horror film, but Frank in the grotesque bunny suit appearing in the mirror all of a sudden can mean excess urea on your pajamas.

So far, I've realised that those who have watched this movie is divided into two groups. One school of thought is, the movie is pure nonsense. And at the other end of the spectrum, people think the movie is brimming with pure brilliance. It takes a while to understand and comprehend its meaning and Donnie's existence.

When I first watched it, I was too puzzled the whole time and thought the whole show was a farce. Haha! But upon viewing it for the second time (after reading a little about the show's meaning) only I began to realise why certain things happen in the film. From "What the heck? Damn stupid weih this part" to "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Oklah. Enough about the show already. Go watch it!
With someone.


Gretchen: Donnie Darko? What the hell kind of name is that? It's like some sort of superhero or something

Donnie: What makes you think I'm not?


foongmei said...

i suka your picturee!!

keShia* said...

foong mei: aww thanks <3

daniel: this movie not scary la, but like damn freakishly twisted like that.. go toilet alone also scared, but paling takut is if the bunny face just appear wtf. damn scary sure pee in pants!!!!

PEtriNa said...

I like Donnie Darko.

And Gary Jules' Mad World.


Mmmm... Jakey Boy.

daniel said...

FINALLY! someone who understands! haha

PEtriNa said...

Are you referring to me? hahha...

But i do intend on watching it again.
May i feel smarter the next time i watch it.

Can't believe i haven't met you, Daniel.
KESHIA! How come i have never met your boyfriend?!
Although yeah la, you and i also hardly ever meet. Teehee... But still...

Oh well, you'll be back in August, right? :)

Last time i didn't call you out also cause i didn't drive. Damn paiseh if i wanna ajak you out then ask you to fetch me pulak.
So at least now i can drive myself around. hehhe...

keShia* said...

petrina: hehehe i think need to watch twice. i should watch it again to UNDERSTAND. hmmm.

hehe yah! we come find you when we go home ok! :D and yes, i read about yr driving post hehehe :D

remember ah! we meet at forever 21 at 1 utama you know! :D hee hee