Sunday, May 25, 2008


Daniel saved the vid file posted on multiply of the gig we did for KDU Prom.

So I've uploaded it on youtube.
No reason. It just looks like a great place to put videos!
Other than multiply of course. I keep feeling multiply will one day CRASH and ALL my stuff will be GONE FOREVER O_o Scared lah, my photos all... BANYAK ok!

But anyway.

Be warned ah.
It's out of tune, and there was bad sounds coming out of my trachea.
Don't laugh at me too hard can?

p/s: i need a nose ring. tsk.


daniel said...

whats a noserring!

ps - i like the 'keshialicious' graffiti at the bottom!

keShia* said...

daniel: nose ring, hahaha, didn't put space! wait i go change.

hehe, yea? i downloaded the font! :D

foongmei said...

you have pierced nose? never see before wan

keShia* said...

i will get one sooooooooon! hee hee

debbeh woo! said...

you will?! ZOMG!

have you seen the"bummed in the face" video on youtube?
if you havent go check it out! :)

keShia* said...

debbeh: omg that was the weirdest video ever! that kid's been bummed in the face!

don't make sense summore! and he damn suka say it over and over and over again!!!

was he high?! O_O