Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Country Jazz and Korean Company

Is it just me, or does our country look like a VERY childish one? Yeah, I don't want to be caught by the ISA for saying such things, but HELLOOOO? Why is the ex P. M. clamouring for attention when clearly he is NOT in a position to command it?

Why la like that. Our country's turning into a circus! I don't know who to support anymore also. What happened to clean and uncorrupted governments? You know, the best way to see if a country is classified as... how you say... Developed? Is by seeing if the country still runs on r a s u a h . I'm actually really really interested in seeing the whole new police thing they've come up with.

I had a run with a real no good police once. He was even wearing the famous tag "Sa ya An ti Ra suah" (ps: excuse the spaces, don't wanna be googled haha), BUT BLATANTLY WAS ASKING FOR AHEM*!!! Quite bodoh loh. Considering his excuse was REALLY REALLY... *rolls eyes* .... I wasn't even breaking or bending any law.. I had just parked my car! In a residential area! In a VERY FAMILIAR residential area!

Our country, our pride.
We need to pray more for our country!


Was invited to this Korean do tonight, and later on found out that I may have been the ONLY non-Korean in the shindig. Uh, yeah... I wouldn't really have minded it, but to be honest, how torn would he have to be to layan his 99.9% of Korean friends, and the 0.01% of me- the ciplak Asian who can't REALLY speak Chinese, let alone mutter a word of Korean. The only Korean word I know is kimchi, and I very well can't be chanting that for the whole night, right? I don't like kimchi eyuckh.

Bwahaha. Have fun, Hwap.


I want to watch IRONMAN!
They've been saying it's on par with Transformers.
Sorry guys, but I thought Transformers was.. okay only lah?
Not tech-orgasmic or what? Heh. Nonetheless!


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