Friday, May 02, 2008

Midnight Cravings...

original glazed (THE best), glazed chocolate cake, chocolate dreamcake, cinnamon bun, vanilla cake, chocolate iced custard filled.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....
the boyfriend surprised me by walking aaaaaaaaaaall the way to kripy kreme's drive through shop somewhere near the great cambridge road while i was in class about 3 weeks back. i came back into my room with a grinning boyfriend with a BIG BIG BIG BIG BOX OF BLISS.

i thought it was overrated.
i believed it was overrated.
it looked like it was overrated.
but it's not.

btw, it's Krispy Kreme.
WITHOUT the "s". why do people keep adding an "s" behind the Kreme??
Krispy KremeS sound retarded! hahaha :)

imma get somma that on saturday! :D


kuching said...

Omg. OMG! I hate you. Dahlah I hungry, now I see this picture some more. Curse you woman. CURSE YOUUU.

Schmae said...

mr. poon, you very sweet lah! haha. :)

keshia, think you could sneak some back when you're heading back here for me pleeease?? :p i've heard so much abt Krispy Kreme. too bad i totally forgot abt them when i was in hk. T___T

keShia* said...

ching yee: i suffer, YOU suffer haha :)

shengmae: alar, i will try, but even after just ONE day of not finishing these babies off, they get kinda stale already.. it's not as good!

so yeah must eat if there's a shop!! plus, the flight back home is 13 hours, seiloh i'd have eaten it all up by then hahahaha

-jiaen- said...

Oohh luckyyy gal and excellent bf!! Kweespyy Kweme is so yummyy rightt! :D

keShia* said...

jia en: yesh! excellent :D yes they are *drools*
but too much also jelak one hahah :)