Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is a pen!

This Japanese kid gets really nervous when interviewing Dakota Fanning!

I have no idea how she understands what he is actually saying cos as a fellow Asian, I can't make out what he is mumbling about.

You will pee in your pants laughing! HAHA!


keShia* said...

he's on the verge of fits and convulsion as well as on the brink of insanity like that!! hahahahah!
he was well nervous!

and no i didn't peeeee in my pants :D

estherlauderlyn said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! OMG what a dork. hahahaha I would be a little freaked out if i were Dakota.

-MeL- said...

That is so wrong! LOL!

@ldo said...

hahaha, she' is damn confident, thumbs up, hehe

--kim said...

So nice your header! BTW have you booked your flight tickets already? :)