Sunday, June 29, 2008

What I Did Today. Yawn.

feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel... bitchy.

gutsy= slutty
hot= skanky
me= bitchy


eh hor, today i went to watch avenue q.
it's been a long running broadway show, but i can only partially see why.

at first, i was confused as to what show i was supposed to go watch. i had somehow... woven into my groggy head that the show was the phantom of the opera. but instead, it was the show i ended up going for.

personally, the show was funny and all, but the idea of real life humans in plain sight, and holding up the main characters of the show (ie: puppets) seemed a little weird and.. distracting? an adult version of sesame st, heheh... wouldn't pay what i paid to go watch it, to be honest. but then again, i didn't know i was going to watch it! yea, aku blur.

good experience though! was really amazed at the uhm, vocal smooooothness of the actors and actresses, and at the talent that they have! and the music that carried the show was played live, and it sounded flawless! uhm, well, yeah... lots lots lots lots of practice huh.

gawsh do i miss resoniti resonation.

had to sit 3 rows behind the rest because i (as always) was the blurrest, slowest and last to know about the plan cos i wasn't online and mel had no credit. so, with the notion that we were going to watch the phantom of the opera, i really wanted to go! but alar, "tak jadi", haha.. oh well. yea anyway, 3 rows behind..... yeah, so seated 3 rows behind the other 4, i was uhm, sandwiched (hehehe) by 2 very plus sized ladies.


panas, is all i will say. hhahaha, thankfully, after intermission, there were empty seats in front of chris, ming zi, mel and hani. so i faster lari there and sat my fat bum down (they weren't occupied anyway), and it was then that i experienced a true appreciation of... fresh air. ah, and also a better view of the stage! i could see the faces of each player.

doo doo doo.
will pay again for the phantom. then at least i can say i've been to two theatre shows, instead of just..... one?

rating: 4/10


class starts on monday!
everyday need to wake up at 8.45 am T_T
which is a stark difference from the 11.30-1.30 tht i wake up at every morning/afternoon.

then... then...
who knows what then.


ps: comments thingy working again. connection not so bad nemore!

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