Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've never met anyone so ... like that lor! I mean, damn kai lor! You already consider yourself a philanthropist of some sort by SACRIFICING your time during the crucial moments of your life for this person hor, and literally go the extra EXTRA mile for this person to get her out of her shitty trouble right (and at that, got a polis saman ok!). This is the person who doesn't come to you unless she wants your help or your time or your shoulder to cry on... Then when happy already (or so it seems), won't care one!!!
Then this ONE day you thought you wanted to be nice and check up on the person right, the fella just blows you off.

What?! On?! The?!

Not to say she did it nicely also! No tact at all can?! So crudely asked me what I wanted from her and coarsely brushed me off saying she's busy. Her ational? She's on edge. What kind of excuse is that?! I had 4 modules to study during that time she called me in TEARS like that right, and then I thought, if a person would call from overseas in tears OBVIOUSLY it's slightly more important that brushing her off for say, MY FINAL EXAM la hor...

I've never met or known someone so rude, or to some certain extent, so ungrateful lor!! I am not angry or what la, I'm more appalled than anything else! This is probably one of those "people" that my parents warned me of... you know, those that will shock you kind. Yeah.

Confirm dowan to layan already lor.
You tell me la! I'm over reacting meh!
Appalled only ma -_- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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