Saturday, July 19, 2008


My house mate's really funny... Her name is Sara
I spent the noon time clanging away cooking my lunch.
From taking the stuff out from the fridge (opening the freezer drawer very noisy oh), to washing the pots, to turning on the gas (crackle crackle), cutting garlic and onions, sink clanging occasionally.. cooking rice and all that...

She slept in the living room today.
Not that I was really inconsiderate okay, I tried to do it as silently as possible!
Not a budge. Peaceful as pond water.

Then when I was finally done with it all.. Heaving a loud and relieving sigh, I sat down to take my first bite, as silently as possible, trying my best not to let the spoon hit the plate too loudly (in fact, completely silent!)....

she woke up!

What la!


Mel O said...

Sara Sara.
Such a joker.
She damn cute!

keShia* said...

I KNOW! hahahaha, first thing she said when she woke up "hao sheang ar!"


daniel said...

what is 'sheang'

she is funny girl

keShia* said...

hehee it means "hiong" in cantonese :D eh eh ratattouile your head. SHEANG ok!