Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's OVER!

the ordeal that is PSY 2015 is over!
after 6 excruciating days of 10-4 pm of nonstop activity and lectures...
it all ended with a PICNIC!

no la didn't take picture of anything. wasn't very memorable la.
some people will have pictures in their facebooks soon la.
nowadays people don't want your number. they want your contact on facebook!
what's the world coming to!

okay i think i mAy have exaggerated with the whole... 10-4 pm of nonstop activity and lectures. the truth is, class really starts at 10.15 am. and then there's a break at 11.15 till 11.30 la. then lunch will be at 1-2 pm lor. then there will be a break at 3-3.15 pm. then we go back at 4! sounds like lots of breaks right? but not really lor! classes were kinda boring, maybe that's why it all just seemed like such a drag. there'd be periods of entertainment, but most of the time it's boring. hehe.

uhm, today last day. ang mohh want picnic :) so we did. and we just sat around the field on park benches (look like kindergarten masa rehat tables!) eating junk.

yesterday i slept at 3 and today i woke at 9.
i've been getting like 5-7 hours of sleep for the past 6 nights.
sounds reasonable, i know. but for a PIG like me, 5-7 hours is NOT enough

k damn tired
i've bored you as well.
i'm going to file this under a new tab called: "bore you"
i'm so innovative! :D



daniel said...

your summer school very extreme horr?

one week of classes and whatever at break neck speed. and one week of totally nothing to do.

keShia* said...

daniel: yala! dunno why like to crash course here, crash course there. aih...