Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wedding Bliss

.... left right centre, all i see people getting married. be it out of (ahem*) obligation, or out of pure will and love... people are still getting married!

the wedding bliss lingers in the air, even though i'm thousands of miles away from home! recently on facebook i found out that one of my friends are getting married.


and you can bet the wedding is going to be so grand! sigh :)
just before i heard about this engagement, another friend got married, and before that, another and before that was another! wah! everybody's getting married!

but to be fair, they are at the appropriate age already la :)

so congrats to Vanessa and Irwin!
not like they read, but i'm really happy for them! they are a really cute couple!

really makes me wonder when i'll venture into that area :)
ladidadada ::*


Kevin Teoh said...

see! just when we were talking about getting married, so now, bila?

keShia* said...

where got ask the girl wan!
i'm not going to be the one proposing wat! hahaha..

sarahtanÂș¤° said...

Keshia darling! it's me! Sarah Tan!! haha. remember? remember?
Anyways, i forgot to let you know i was at UK for a while and thought i could say HI to you when i was there. However, before i left, i wasnt't able to use the com and all. So, internet was out of options. Anyhows, i was there only for a while - about 8 days. Furthermore, i wasnt with my family so i couldnt go to visit you or sth. BUT BUT BUT i was wishing i would bump in to you in London town or something. - haha. sounds ridiculous. But oh well!

So, you're still there? Haven't had graduation yet? or havent't finished your course yet? where r you staying there?

well, hope all's good =)

take good care.

p/s: i still read your blog =) just so you know

keshia said...

sarah: HI BABYYYYYYYY!!! :) i was just in london city earlier today! alar, you should have told me, ish ish. anyway, my number is 07864002075. if you can text, then just text ok? :)

i'd really like to see you!
when you going home anyway?

sarahtanÂș¤° said...

i'm home already girl.
sad sad. was a short trip.
but good overall. loved uk. missed it soooo much.

have a gooood week! catch you soon! =)

keShia* said...

sarah: HAAAAAAAAAAA! so fast! :( well at least you had fun eh? :)

i'm coming back soon! will come visit you kuchi fries when i get back alright? :)