Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Alive!

Yah! Still alive, but work is almost engulfing me alive!

Right now, I'm officially out "on field", and my job is to touch base wth all my future clients. It's quite scary.. it was not as... uhm "chilling" as I thought it would be. No, the meeting the doctors part isn't the scary part. More like.. finding the darn clinic!!

Monday was spent with a senior. I watched him close about a 10k sale. His area was PJ so it was cool. It's my area anyway. I know every nook and cranny. I even taught him some shortcuts, ain't I something (*gloat gloat ahem cough choke die*). 

Tuesday was spent with another senior. I have stories to tell about him! But it won't be as scandalous as it really is because... well.. you're not from COMPANY. Heh. Anyway, we went around Ampang, and KL cos that's his area. It was a different side of business that I witnessed. Interesting... I have alot to learn.

Wednesday (yesterday), was spent... uhm... almost alone. I spent the first half of the day crawling around Kepong area. Gaaaaaaaaaawd I hate that area. I hated it, and I hate it now, and I promise I will forever hate it. I spent about 4 hours finding clinics scattered around Kepong. Wasted SO MUCH time!! I'm still learning the roads, and once I do, I promise to be more efficient. Wednesday was more like... getting to Point A, and then go to clinic S in Point B, and then wanting to go to clinic T back in Point A. Ugh, how inefficient! I gave up during lunch. I wussied on over back to my grandmother's house to eat maggi mee and take a 45 minute nap.

My father laughed at me for doing that.
What... Tired okay? :( 
So hot summore okay? :(

But before retiring to my grandmother's house I managed to see ONE doctor. Not too bad.
Second half of the day I was accompanied by my *true* senior. She was the person in charge of the area I'm covering now (I'm replacing her), so she showed me a few places. My brain is now CRAMPED PACKED with all these names and directions. I don't want to forget!!!

Today, my true senior followed me again. She brought me to places like Segambut and Sri Gombak. Not to mention some places in Aman Puri. It wasn't that bad. Thank God I once lived in Sungai Buloh. I don't feel so lost. I've touched those areas before. Just not WITHIN the areas.

I also met my BIGGEST client today.
She's awesome. Seriously.
She and her group of friends who bought us tea was more interested in talking about beauty and weight loss than they are about my products! Perfect. Not my exact cup of tea, but definitely doable. I hope I'll be able to keep the relationship up with them like the previous rep did.

Tomorrow is another day.
I'm going to conquer the dreaded Jalan Ipoh.
Isn't that awesome :D
I'm going to meet my 3rd and 4th biggest customers tmrw, so PRAY TO THE DEAR BEAUTY GODDESS that I will look awesome tmrw. My face seems to have declared war against the world and I now have several very ugly and OBVIOUS pimples on my face.

As I'm typing this, I'm soaking my face in a cucumber extract mask I bought from Skin Food. Lets hope the Koreans can help me.

I'll tell you more stories about my job in time to come.
I know you might be bored, but... don't you want to know what's up? :( *muka seposen* 
hee hee

You know I love you


debbeh woo! said...

wah, so geng!
i don't even know where aman puri is!

but but but, i wish you all the best keshia, i know you can do it! :) you is go out there and rock the world! :D

xoxo (haha)

Mel O said...

I want to know more about your work!! Nonit gip me muka seposen lah. lime sen also tak yah. LOL.

keShia* said...

debbeh: today got lost AGAIN T___T thank you for your faith in me. i need a gps, but thank you for your faith in me :)

mel: hahahah boring wan T_T always sesat jalan wan T_T